Growing Indiantown Together

As Mayor of Indiantown and a longtime resident, I’ve been honored to help contribute to the growth and prosperity of our friendly small town. Personally and professionally I know how important it is that we continue to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing times we are find ourselves in. The Village Council, Village Hall, and everyone in the greater Indiantown community is working tirelessly to write a new chapter in our lives.

We’ve accomplished much in the last few years, there is still so much to do. Now is not the time to slow down. It is the time to act. Reelect Guyton Stone for Village of Indiantown Council Seat 1, so we can continue to build a community that we can be proud of!

Economic Infrastructure Development

Water and Sewage System Development

A city is only as strong as its infrastructure. I promise to continue pursuing meaningful steps towards a stronger infrastructure for our village including the acquisition of a private water and sewer system which will change the way we live in Indiantown. System was acquired at a price well below fair market value and scheduled to be completed by September 30th, 2020.

Road Improvements

Road and drainage improvements are important for the stability of the Village of Indiantown. We have already made great progress with the addition of street lights on all major roads in the city.The council has also begun the process of repairing all the roads in our village and I promise to continue to invest in road and drainage improvements, by applying for grants, specific to road improvements and a more efficient drainage system.

Community Development


In order for Indiantown to continue to be a place where people want to live, work and play, community development is essential. Continued efforts are being taken to ensure that we are continuing to invest in housing for the residents of our community. I promise to continue to focus on affordable housing options, retirement communities, assisted living facilities as well as standard residential improvements.


It’s no secret that we live in a small town. Part of our economic plan includes attracting manufacturing businesses to the town to increase the quantity of quality jobs in the area. As a part of our entertainment plan we are working to attract more entertainment businesses to the area, giving all residents a new and fun way to spend their leisure time and spread their newfound economic prosperity.

Support Guyton Stone for Village of Indiantown Council Seat 1

As a resident you have power to enact change in our community. We ask for your support to reelect Guyton Stone for Village Council Seat 1. There are several ways you can support by volunteering, voting for the Stone campaign and/or by donating below. No amount or deed is too small.

Political Campaign paid for by Guyton Stone for Village of Indiantown Council, Seat 1.